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12 " SIEVE STACKABLE (5 gal bucket) 100 um

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Product Description

12 inch Sieve 100 micron mesh
Fits over 5 gal bucket


This sieve fits over the lip of a 5 gallon bucket. As you can see in the pictures, it has a lip to fit snuggly and secure, right on top of the pail. Bucket in pics not included.

Sieve has many uses: Culturing Zooplankton, rinsing corals, cleaning live rock, catching baby fish fry,and many more uses. Very convenient.

We have decided to offer these sieves to the public for the first time. We have received numerous requests for them. It seems that sieves of this size are hard to find for the hobbiest. When you do find similar sieves, they are usually of poorer quality or they are too expensive.

These sieves are made with PVC frame and laboratory grade polyester mesh fabric. They will hold up under rigorous use in saltwater. We have been using them for years in our Aquaculture Nursery Farms laboratory.


 For  multi-culture harvesting, or for separating different sized individuals from the same culture batch at one time, these also come in handy if you need to get a nice, clean end product to minimize the pollutants entering  your aquarium. When you stack these sieves,(smallest micron on the bottom and so on) the 53- 120 -250 stack filters out all the larger impurities that you might have in your culture water. So let's say you are harvesting rotifers. All the guck that is floating around in the culture will get caught by the first two sieves in line ( 250 mic and 120 mic). So you end up with cleaner rotifers to feed your animals.


 These are made 12 inches wide.  Made with high grade outdoor PVC material. Laboratory grade polyester mesh screen. These will hold out under extreme use in the laboratory and prolonged exposure to the outdoors in the UV and saltwater environment.  View pictures for details.


Basic instruction for some of their uses are:

 Sifting small cultures in the micron size to achieve a certain desired density.

If you are stacking these  make sure that you put the smaller micron mesh on the bottom and then work your way up to the larger microns.  For example, if you have three sizes put the 53 down first then the 120 then the 250 on top. This way when you run your culture through the different microns, the larger debris gets filtered out first by the larger micron and so on. You end up with a much cleaner harvest.

Start by pouring your culture water (i.e. rotifers) through the sieve. Then rinse the organisms with water with the same parameters as your culture water into a smaller container, so you end up with a denser culture. Feed them directly to your corals and fish fry. You can also saturate your cultures with vitamins and minerals. Just let this super concentrated culture that you sieved, soak in whichever vitamins and minerals you use for a few hours, before using to feed. There is no food manufactured better than live food for your aquarium. Tools like this sieve allow you to facilitate and save time and money on expensive live foods by culturing your own. These sieves can be used for saltwater or freshwater.

Care Instructions:

 For a longer service life, rinse sieve with distilled or r/o water after each use. If you use hard tap water, the sieve mesh (especially the small microns) will tend to get clogged somewhat over time, or through many uses.

100um micron is good for Rotifers, Copepods, Dafnia, baby brine shrimp, etc.

You will notice a big difference in your corals, fish growth and behavior, almost immediately after feeding them live foods. This is the method that fish nurseries use. It is starting to be well known that many varieties of coral actively feed on small phytoplankton and zooplankton. So you will experience unbelievable growth and fortitude in your corals if you start feeding them things like enriched rotifers. You should also start seeing a lot more brilliant colors come out in your corals and fish.

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